To a new year.

E+D brand concepts

Some initial concepts I put together for a client. The visual approach was to go for something a little unconventional, but informative. The project was about building an online platform that merges education and design.

Wisdom from HONY

Humans of New York tells life like it is. Brandon, the HONY storyteller, left this response in regards to the comments that people left on one of his recent posts. One can’t agree more: “When presented with a complex story, where… Continue Reading →

BRIEF – Clothing Subscription

A two-person project that was completed the last quarter at Seattle Central. We were given two weeks to complete it. Project included: research, interviewing our target audience, journey map, branding, single-page design. Below is the presentation of our research and final… Continue Reading →

TRAVERSE – Literary Magazine (unedited)

The unedited version of the photoshoot of my magazine TRAVERSE. TRAVERSE is a literary magazine that unearths the culture and people behind the news. I chose this topic for a greater passion that I have about increasing global awareness. You… Continue Reading →

City on the Make – website

5 week project at Seattle Central Creative Academy. City on the Make is a concept for a literary magazine that shares stories about people and places in Chicago. The project involved branding and coding a WordPress theme. You can view the… Continue Reading →

Making Choices

If you view “hard” choices as something of a burden, take some time to watch this great TED Talk. It’s something that helped me reflect on things while eating my breakfast and is very relevant to the choices I had… Continue Reading →

Compost at School

My completed video that shares the things you can and can’t compost at school. The target audience is for kids in elementary school. It was intended to be a part of a larger video that I hoped to make about… Continue Reading →


Some good ol’ reminders about patterns.  

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