If you view “hard” choices as something of a burden, take some time to watch this great TED Talk. It’s something that helped me reflect on things while eating my breakfast and is very relevant to the choices I had to make when transitioning from a newly grad and choosing my first design job.

Choices shouldn’t be weighed mathematically in terms of what is “better,” “equal,” or “worse,” but based on reasons to become the kind of person that you’d rather be–“the pink sock-wearing, countryside-living, whole-grain cereal-eating financial advisor…or the black sock-wearing, urban-living, donut-eating artist.” Hard choices are just larger opportunities to pivot toward who and where you want to be.

Over the past couple years, I have become more conscious of every decision that I choose to make to determine what type of person it would make me become. TED talker Ruth Chang labeled those who let life shape a person’s choices as a “drifter.” Although there are moments when I feel like a drifter, reminding myself of my values and aspirations help me feel less unsure of my actions.

I’m excited to announce that I’ve joined the Alaska Airline’s mobile team/family, whom I plan to with stay for the next 12 months. I look forward to learning a lot from their experienced designers, developers, and managers, while continuing to work on social impact projects on the side. There are certain life changes that may eventually be happening in the near future, thus a 12-month gig has felt much less frightening than I thought before.

I’m looking forward to what expected and unexpected turns will take shape in the coming year.