A two-person project that was completed the last quarter at Seattle Central. We were given two weeks to complete it. Project included: research, interviewing our target audience, journey map, branding, single-page design.

Below is the presentation of our research and final design.

BRIEF_Erika_Laura.001 BRIEF_Erika_Laura.002 BRIEF_Erika_Laura.003 BRIEF_Erika_Laura.004 BRIEF_Erika_Laura.005 BRIEF_Erika_Laura.006 BRIEF_Erika_Laura.007 BRIEF_Erika_Laura.008 BRIEF_Erika_Laura.009 BRIEF_Erika_Laura.010 BRIEF_Erika_Laura.011 BRIEF_Erika_Laura.012 BRIEF_Erika_Laura.013