Wisdom from HONY

Humans of New York tells life like it is. Brandon, the HONY storyteller, left this response in regards to the comments that people left on one of his recent posts. One can’t agree more: “When presented with a complex story, where… Continue Reading →

Making Choices

If you view “hard” choices as something of a burden, take some time to watch this great TED Talk. It’s something that helped me reflect on things while eating my breakfast and is very relevant to the choices I had… Continue Reading →

Serena Mitnik-Miller

Sights of Japan

A few snapshots that I took on my trip to Japan over winter break–the origin of my many inspirations. There particular ones were from Jigokudani, where the famous snow monkeys spend their winter days bathing in hot spring. You can get… Continue Reading →

Today’s Inspiration

“The art challenges the technology, and the technology inspires the art.” – John Lasseter, CCO Pixar

Today’s Inspiration

Our teacher gave us winter break readings to study about branding and ourselves. It was a great eye opener and slight punch in the head as a reminder to oneself that we should focus on doing what we love and… Continue Reading →

“Beauty built not as a complement to our efforts, but as an integral part of it.”

A great excerpt from the article: Again, perception is subjective: The product gets uglier if it fails to meet user needs or becomes confusing. It’s like falling in love at first sight, then falling back out after a brief conversation. Your crush… Continue Reading →

Week 7 Reflections

  There are three more weeks until the end of the quarter and the pressure of trying to get things done the way you want them to is getting intense. Much like the first quarter, when beginning the program, this… Continue Reading →

Sights of Japan

Japan has become a sort of second home to me, having had the chance to visit it several times to visit my grandparents, go as a tourist, and to study abroad there. Japan can be seen very differently when you… Continue Reading →

Lettering Practice

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