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By Suzie Jaberg, Dyan Doody, and Erika Nicks

Project: Build a minimum viable product for a game app that will encourage girls ~10 years old to become interested in STEM subjects

Game Concept:

While answering STEM questions that fall within the context of the storyline, the user will explore many lands and grow/nourish it. There are immediate and intermediate prizes/incentives that encourage the player to keep playing, unlocking new lands after reaching a certain amount of points.

We know that not every girl is good at every STEM subject and that we really want to incorporate collaboration and socialization as elements to our game. In the game, girls will be able talk to their friends and also exchange their gems for other ones. This is to encourage girls to try and collect various gems, but they can also increase their skills in some and exchange them with another girl who is stronger at another subject. This bartering system increases collaboration and also allows a natural way for girls to know what they like to do and are good at.


The title, ILLUME, refers to the glowing objects that are the questions as well as illuminating one’s mind through learning. Each glow is a different color based on which field of STEM it is. We also went with this name because of its dreamy-like tone that was relevant to our game design and story.