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Visual Experiment

White stroke, no roughness White stroke, some roughness and softness White stroke, less roughness White stroke Stroke + Solid same color, Rough edges — Kinda looks like Andy Warhol’s banana!

Wiggle + Texture Practice

Practicing some wiggles and different ways to incorporate texture in After Effects while using Alpha Matte. Practice multiplying texture above all the layers and using drop shadow.

The return of the compost video

Completed today: -Revise dialogue to have simpler wording and more explanation in parts that only had one sentence -Collected new imagery from children’s book illustrations to find a new style Room for Improvement in my video: (+) Revise dialogue (… Continue Reading →

Ruby on Rails: Small Intro

Last week I met with my potential client for one of our classes where we are required to do real work and sign a legal contract. My potential client was looking into building a video wall for Seattle Central Creative… Continue Reading →


End of the Quarter – Video Update

Here is the most recent version of the rough cut for the compost video. Next quarter will be saved for cleaning it up. Enjoy! There are a lot of things that I know in my head about what I’d like… Continue Reading →

Compost Update

Compost video on its way! My classmate Kelty has kindly agree to volunteer as the voice for the video–perfectly upbeat and fun for the children. Not all of the illustrations are completely colored, but the plan is to go for… Continue Reading →


Who doesn’t want free stuff?

Kibo for Seniors – End of Project! (for now)

Last week was a week of celebration.¬†We completed our 5-week sprint to create a minimum viable product called Kibo. Introducing Kibo, the at-home companion that serves as a voice¬†recognition device to provide reminders as well as receive commands for seniors…. Continue Reading →

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