Last week I met with my potential client for one of our classes where we are required to do real work and sign a legal contract. My potential client was looking into building a video wall for Seattle Central Creative Academy.

The client, in his initial request, suggested a student who is comfortable with building some of the code in a Rails HTML Template using SCSS and Bootstrap.

Ruby and Rails and SCSS are all new languages and terms, so I decided to look further into what it was since the goal of the client was to be able to handle those types of files, but not necessarily build the code myself. I decided to dedicate my first week of Special Topics to taking an intro course to Ruby on Rails to get a feel for what it was. I might have gone down the wrong path so I stopped at 39% into the course after six hours of working (a little slower than the estimated 9-hour course time).

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 1.24.40 PM

I learned quite a lot during that period taking notes all the while, but sensing that I might be going in the wrong direction I decided to stop and leave it at that. I plan on talking more with my client to get a better sense of what he needs.

Topics I covered:

-Control Flow in Ruby

-Looping with Ruby

-Arrays and Hashes